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Friday, October 3, 2008

Economic growth a "cancer" - Greens senator

Economic growth, which really means better standards of living, better education, better healthcare, better services, is a "cancer", according to a new senator who is clearly "green" in more ways than one. Inevitably, he blames all the country's ills on our reliance on fossil fuels:
He said future historians would come to this period as the "beginning of the oil endgame". "The age in which Australia sleepwalked along behind a tiny handful of powerful nations armed with nuclear weapons into a disastrous occupation of Iraq, with the singular objective of cornering the world's shrinking reserves of cheap oil. China's behaviour in Burma and Sudan, and Russian aggression in Georgia, flow from this same terrible imperative," Senator Ludlam said during his speech two weeks ago.

I think he should have stuck to graphic design.

Read it here.


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