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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brumby at COAG - alarmist nonsense

"Idiotic comment of the day" gong is awarded to Victorian premier John Brumby, who made his ignorance of climate matters patently obvious in the following sound bite from COAG:
In this era of climate change, one thing we can be sure about is that we're going to see ... more climatic events, which create emergency situations, so whether it's thunderstorms, whether it's bushfires, whether it's wind events.

Two points, John: (1) this era is no different from any other era: climate change happens - get used to it; and, (2) there is no evidence to link warming with increased "climatic" events [he means "weather" events, of course, and bushfires aren't exactly weather events either, they're often caused by lightning, which is a weather event - oh dear, it's so confusing...], but hey, who cares about the facts? As long as it makes a good headline and gets the Victorian government more dollars.

As for wind events, I reckon he's on about farting cattle again...

Read it here.


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