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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Idiotic comment of the day - John Connor

Today's award for idiotic comments goes to John Connor, Chief Executive of the Climate Institute (whatever the hell that is - you may as well have a "Sun come up in the morning" Institute...), who said yesterday:
"Remember, according to Garnaut, under 550ppm we lose the reef as we know it and the economic viability of the Murray Darling for want of an extra $3 per week of income and the other price impacts"

As usual, he ties Australia's emissions reduction directly to the loss of the barrier reef and the problems with the Murray-Darling (which most intelligent commentators acknowledge is due to over extraction rather than "climate change") to a local reduction in CO2, which, as I'm getting bored of writing, will make no difference whatsoever to global (or local) climate.

Read it all here.


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