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Australian Climate Madness

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jobs for the boys down at Climate City

Barry Brook is the "Sir Hubert Wilkins professor of climate change and director of the Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability at the University of Adelaide" - has there ever been a more transparent case of vested interests than that? His entire career wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the AGW swindle!

So, with that out of the way, it's little surprise he's investing in his own future by stoking up the alarmist cause in an Opinion piece on, and talking about Australia converting to a carbon-free economy based on renewables, like wind and solar (both of which are hugely expensive and very unreliable).
In the next 50 years, humanity will either go to hell in a hand basket, or it will totally revamp the way it does business. If it takes the bleak "do as little as possible, slowly" pathway, interior Australia may see a tide of climate refugees fleeing flooded coastlines, a destroyed national food bowl, a devastated tourism industry, and huge dislocation.

He then makes the hilarious comparison between the oil fields of the Middle East and "our huge unexploited solar resources", as if we could trade sunbeams on the world market! Efficient solar energy is a long way away - solar cells are fragile, expensive and inefficient. As for wind power, it is unreliable, expensive and wind farms are a blight on the landscape.

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