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Monday, October 27, 2008

Daily Telegraph treats Climate Institute's poll as gospel

The Daily Telegraph has reported the results of the Climate Institute poll conducted recently, drawing a number of conclusions from its results. The trouble is, the poll was anything but impartial (not surprisingly given by whom the poll was conducted), as you may remember from a previous post that looked carefully at the wording of the questions. But the Telegraph doesn't bother to investigate further, treating the results as gospel:
One interpretation of the Climate Institute survey results is that voters locked into action on global warming ["climate change"? - Ed] believe the Government is dithering. It is all reports - and no action.
It [the Government] claimed the title of environmental champion and then seemed to believe half the job was thus complete. That leaves a political door open for the Opposition.

The suggestion being that the Opposition should go further than the government, and be more decisive in its actions. That would be a huge mistake. Polling questions that were impartially phrased would have produced a very different result. The Opposition should resist the implementation of any kind of emissions reductions, even assuming a link between CO2 and "climate change", until or unless the major emitters do likewise.

Read it here.


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