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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Canada Free Press - "The Green Religion"

Thanks to Climate Change Fraud.

An entertaining read for a Sunday, from the Canada Free Press:
Upon closer examination, I realized that - like any other self respecting Religion - the necessary building blocks and quasi-spiritual tenets that ensure its survival are also present in this well entrenched belief system.

There is, for example, Mother Earth, the Religion’s primary object of devotion, sometimes also referred to as Mother Nature. According to garden variety environmentalists, this God must be worshiped and respected. The more hard core adherents believe that it should also be feared, for it is a rather unpredictable deity which indiscriminately indulges its thirst for wholesale revenge; ergo the standard compulsory tithes (or sacrifices) to appease its rather capricious wrath.
Ultimately all of these different alliances answer to the one presiding representative of the deity here on earth; his name is Al Gore - the current prime mover of this spiritual revolution of sorts, from whom foundational precepts and oracles emanate on an almost daily basis.

But come to think of it, it is really a misnomer to call this movement a Religion, rather than what it should properly be labeled as: a cult.

Read it here.


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