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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nationals dump ETS policy

In a move likely to cause a big stir in Coalition circles, the National Party has dumped its support for an ETS until the rest of the world implements one. The Nationals are now the only party to have the courage to stand up against Rudd & Co's ridiculous "carbon pollution reduction scheme", given that the Liberals only plan to delay its introduction by a couple of years. Senator Ron Boswell said:
"We should not go down this track that is going to hit rural Australia and primary industry the hardest when it's picked up in 2014. We should draw the line in the sand for this party and say that we will only go this far."

Well said. Let's start the timer, and see how long it takes for Rudd, Wong or one of their cronies to squeal "deniers" or "sceptics". My bet is less than 24 hours.

Read it here.


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