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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pachauri - media "not doing enough" to spread alarmism

Thanks to Tom Nelson. The Head of the IPCC has clearly been inhaling too much CO2 recently, when he comments:
“In the last year and a half, there has been a massive explosion of awareness; however, the media has not reported enough about the emergency and depth of action,” said Pachauri, who has led the United Nations panel since 2002.

What planet does Pachauri live on? Doesn't he ever read the papers or listen to the radio or watch TV? Is he so insulated from the real world in his IPCC bubble that he hasn't seen the thousands upon thousands of scare stories and alarmism every week in the media?
Pachauri suggested that major news agencies now rely too much on high-level science reports or large climate-related events for their stories, rather than examples of climate change's ongoing effects. "We need to go beyond the cyclical coverage of climate change and emphasize the day-to-day relevance," he said.

Heaven forbid that news agencies actually read the science reports (media coverage shows that they do nothing of the sort anyway - they just take the sound bite that will sell most papers/attract most listeners or viewers, irrespective of its scientific merit). I'm afraid this guy is well on the way to becoming categorised as an environmental whacko.

Read it here.


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