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Friday, October 24, 2008

Scientists "frantically, hysterically worried"

Andrew Bolt comments on Tony Jones' world-renowned impartiality in last night's Lateline on ABC, which interviewed three climate scientists and a UN official.
Showing his famed concern for balance, host Tony Jones presents a range of views from this:

PROF. ANN HENDERSON-SELLERS, MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY: A lot of people like myself, and I believe many, many scientists now, who are frantically, hysterically worried.

To this:

PROF. DAVID KAROLY, MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY: The only way that I could see the climate system in 50 years time or 100 years time being cooler than at present is if the earth got hit by an asteroid and basically human civilisation was destroyed.

I think that covers the subject.


I’m unfair to Jones. He did cover the views of the thousands of sceptical scientists:

TONY JONES: Do you think they are flat-earthers, or akin to flat-earthers, people who believe the earth is flat?

RAJENDRA PACHUARI: ...We still have a flat earth society in existence in the world somewhere or the other. So they clearly are looking at the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence, and denying it. So in that sense they are flat-earthers.

What could be fairer?
Read it here.


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