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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Greens Senator stuck in Tuvalu timewarp

Years ago, Tuvalu was one of the symbols of the evils of Western society, spewing endless CO2 into the atmosphere, causing the earth to warm, glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise (© IPCC and Al Gore). Given that Tuvalu was only just above sea level, this would force its inhabitants to evacuate the island. However, as always, the truth is somewhat different. Sea levels have been rising at 1 - 2 mm per year for hundreds of years, with no appreciable acceleration linked to CO2 emissions, and it is generally accepted that Tuvalu is itself sinking due to tectonic influences.

However, none of this prevents a Greens Senator in South Australia, Sarah Hanson-Young, proposing a "new class of visa for climate refugees":
"We cannot deny Australia's complicity in this environmental crisis that is now impacting most dramatically on those whose homeland is more vulnerable to sea level rise," she said.

" As the wealthiest country in the Pacific, Australia can lead the global community on this humanitarian issue.

"Australia must be proactive in establishing a new class of visa for climate change refugees."

Who cares if the story is out of date, as long as it can be used to advance the Greens' agenda.

Read it here.


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