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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aussie celebs climb on AGW bandwagon

Celebs seem to have a thing about the environment, despite mostly having carbon footprints that would dwarf a small town themselves. Somehow, because they're on TV, or kick a ball about on a Saturday afternoon, they feel the urge to pontificate on matters political (always from a Left-wing actorish perspective of course) about which they know little or nothing.

So here we have Kath & Kim, actor Michael Caton, ex-Collingwood footballer Shane Wakelin and musician John Butler all "pleading" to save their favourite places from "climate change", based on the Australian Conservation Foundation report which this post discusses. For those of you who didn't quite get it the first time, the ACF is the organisation in Australia which promotes Al Gore's despicable Climate Project, whose sole purpose is to disseminate to the unsuspecting public the lies and propaganda contained in An Inconvenient Truth.

As one would expect, the Celebs are happy to associate themselves unquestioningly with this report, and, typically, end up looking foolish (imagine Britney Spears discussing the niceties of the Large Hadron Collider), although admittedly in this case she tries hard to make a joke out of it:
TV character Kim Craig, one half of television duo Kath & Kim, is championing the cause of the local backyard - at risk from rising temperatures, reduced rainfall and increased water restrictions.

"It makes me gropable to think that because of global warming, this back garden could soon be a dust bowl!" she said.

Read it here.


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