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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another day, another alarmist rant in The Age

The Age really is my favourite newspaper. Every day, I can guarantee that there will be some nonsensical scaremongering rubbish ripe for pillory and ridicule. Today is no exception. I can only assume that their journalists live in a cave, when an article starts like this:
WE ALL know about the threat to the Great Barrier Reef from extreme climate change, but the Australian Conservation Foundation wants to ram home to Victorians that the effects of a hotter world will hit much closer to home.

As for the Barrier Reef, see here. It's been there for millions of years, and will still be there in millions of years. As for "extreme climate change" and a "hotter world" has nobody pointed out to this deluded journo that there hasn't been any "global warming" since 2001, and records for cold are currently being shattered all over the globe (e.g. snow in London in October for the first time for 70 years). And it gets worse:
According to Australian Conservation Foundation executive director Don Henry, the report, Saving Australia's Special Places, has brought together scientific data from many sources to show that the dangers of a hotter world are widespread and personal.

"A lot of us probably haven't realised how many of Australia's iconic places and activities are at real risk," Mr Henry said.

"When we go through the science, it's deeply concerning."

What science would that be? Let's not forget that the ACF is the organisation that runs Al Gore's despicable "Climate Project" in Australia, so they are probably treating the outright lies in An Inconvenient Truth as gospel. The article then lists the following effects of "global warming":
  • The Aussie barbecue will go, because it's too hot (seriously, I'm not inventing this)
  • Thousands will die from heat related deaths
  • Wine producers will go out of business due to bushfires, rampaging weeds and pests
  • Skiers won't have any snow
  • Beaches will suffer erosion and flooding ($150 billion of houses under threat, due to sea level rises)
  • Kakadu wetlands in danger of inundation from a 59-centimetre rise in sea level (note a 59 cm rise, not a 60cm rise or a 58cm rise - these models are amazingly accurate, you know)
  • Increasingly fierce bushfires
  • Murray-Darling Basis will lose 92% of its agriculture (again, note 92%, not 91% or 93%)
  • Thousands of tourism-related jobs and $37 billion in exports from tourism lost
And, as expected, Mr Henry plays the joker at the end:
The good news, he says, is that the situation can be redeemed with strong global action, and Australia can, and should, lead the way.

"Australia can play a leadership role in convincing other countries to cut their emissions only if we are doing the right thing here at home.

Idiotic, delusional, misleading - after the previous post, no wonder this kind of thing is making people sick.

Read it here.


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