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Friday, October 31, 2008

Wong calls Opposition "deniers"

Denier Alert: In this post, where I commented on the Nationals dumping their ETS policy, I wondered aloud how long it would take for Rudd, Wong or one of their cronies to squeal "deniers" or "sceptics". My bet was less than 24 hours - it's actually taken six days, but it was as inevitable as the sun coming up in the morning. The Canberra Times reports that "Climate Penny" can't control herself any longer, and goes on the offensive (in more ways than one):
Senator Wong told reporters in Sydney today the calls for delay on emissions trading from the opposition were "the next chapter from the climate change deniers who don't want us to take action on climate change".

"These are the same people who prevented Australia from ratifying the Kyoto protocol, these are the same people who preferred not to act on the long-term challenge of climate change," she said.

"They are now asking for further delay because they are simply climate change deniers."

Notice that she doesn't address the arguments about why the Opposition, in particular the Nationals, oppose the ETS, such as the fact it will have no effect on climate change, and that despite what the Treasury modelling says, it will substantially damage our economy, she wheels out the offensive term "denier" - subtly linking those who deny climate change to those who "deny" the Holocaust - as if that's all she has to do to win the argument. Sorry, Penny, that's just not good enough. If you have sensible arguments against the Nationals' position, let's hear them - otherwise, just keep the offensive remarks to yourself.

The opposition "prevented" Australia ratifying Kyoto because it was a pointless political gesture. The government's proposed ETS is nothing more, and advances an anti-capitalist political agenda.

Malcolm Turnbull has to simply let these personal attacks wash over, and stick to the facts about the ETS: even if Australia reduces emissions to zero overnight, it will make no difference to global climate, until or unless the other major emitters, the US, China and India, join in, which at this point they show little interest in doing. And, all this presupposes that CO2 drives temperature, which despite what the alarmists say, is by no means certain.

Read it here.


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