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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pachauri - the quote that got away

I heard this in the middle of the night on ABC News Radio, and I should have written it down, because guess what, it isn't anywhere to be found in the mainstream media. All the stories are talking about how IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri was "cautiously optimistic" about progress at L'Aquila.

But this is the quote nobody wants you to read, which I found as a transcript on a Chinese web site. In it Pachauri refers to the lack of a baseline against which to measure the 80% cut by 2050:
“It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me, I mean I’m surprised I didn’t see the fallacy that they were introducing in this pledge by not defining the baseline at least. How can you say you will achieve a cut of 'x' amount if you don’t even define what the baseline is, what the benchmark is?”

If anyone can find a reliable source of this quote, please let me know. You can listen to an MP3 of the quote here.


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