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Australian Climate Madness

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SMH publishes fawning profile of Bob Brown

The Sydney Morning Herald (or as it now should properly be known, "Green Left Weekly In Drag") fawns over Greens Senator Bob Brown (you know, the one who thinks CO2 emissions should be reduced to zero by 2050):
More than 1 million people voted for the Greens in the 2007 election and Brown scored more than 17 per cent of the Senate vote in Tasmania, where he has lived since 1972.

Before that, he grew up in rural NSW, a shy, dreamy child from a politically conservative family of police officers. He studied medicine at Sydney University and worked as a GP in Sydney, Canberra and London all the while battling bouts of depression as he came to terms with his homosexuality.

When he moved to Tasmania, he immediately felt at home among its wild landscape and old-growth forests. But it was a rafting trip down the Franklin River in Tasmania's south-west wilderness in 1976 - and the subsequent seven-year anti-dams campaign - that was the making of Bob Brown.

And gives him a platform for the usual Green alarmism that we're all familiar with:
"The world is in a pre-catastrophe situation with climate change and the destruction of a variety of life on the planet. In those circumstances, my work becomes all the more important. I've never been happier or more content," he says.

Bizarre juxtaposition of ideas there...

Read it here.


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