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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Greenie hordes protest against "climate change"

They should be protesting against the fact that Krudd is pushing ahead with his pointless ETS when the economy is already on a near-vertical descent into recession, but instead it's the usual religious dogma of "climate change" - CO2 must be cut dramatically, despite the fact that temperatures have been steady or falling since 2001, and CO2 has risen by 5% in the same period...
About 2,000 climate change protesters dressed in red [why? - Ed] formed a circle around Parliament House this morning.

They are calling on the Government to make deeper cuts to emissions in its proposed carbon pollution reduction scheme [two errors in four words - Ed].

Many say they are disappointed that the Government has not made deeper emission cuts in its proposed scheme.

Read it here.


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