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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gore muscles in on Obama

As we knew he surely would, urging Obama to urgently cap US emissions.
"How can we afford not to do this?" the Nobel Laureate and Oscar winner, who jokingly called himself "a recovering politician", told the panel, calling for quick action to cap US emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

"In order to repower our economy, restore American economic and moral leadership in the world and regain control of our destiny, we must take bold action now," Mr Gore told the packed committee room. [There's a surprise - Ed]

With the lights dimmed, Mr Gore made a dramatic keynote presentation of 57 slides, highlighting shrinking polar ice caps, melting glaciers, grim droughts, devastating deforestation, and apocalyptic future costs of inaction.

He's probably still showing the same misleading slides from the thoroughly debunked An Inconvenient Truth - and the new president will no doubt swallow it whole. I wonder if it included the "polar bear desperately swimming for land" animation (note it had to be an animation, because they couldn't find any genuine footage...).

How about actually debating the issues in AIT, Mr Gore, instead of continuing to spread lies and deception?

Read it here.


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