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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A global deal in Copenhagen? Not a hope...

For anyone who is still deluded into thinking that there will be a utopian global deal on emissions in Copenhagen next year, and that the rest of the world will "follow Australia's lead" in crippling their economies with pointless emissions trading schemes, the following from the Canada Free Press (thanks to Climate Change Fraud) should put you straight:
China has now destroyed Western hopes for a new global warming agreement, just weeks before global talks in Poland aimed at writing a successor for the Kyoto Protocol— which expires in 2012. China has attached a ransom note to its Polish meeting RSVP: They might go along with a new warming pact if the rich countries agree to hand over 1 percent of their GDP—about $300 billion per year—to finance the required non-fossil, higher-cost energy systems the West wants the developing countries to use.
China, India, Brazil, and Mexico had already demanded—in July— that the developed countries cut their own emissions by 80–95 percent by 2050. Very unlikely. The EU has loudly boasted of trying to set an 80-percent cut in its emissions, but that now looks impossible. Italy, Poland, Hungary, and Greece are part of a “blocking force” saying says they can’t afford to give up coal and oil during a financial crisis.

Even Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, who helped to develop the Kyoto protocol, has abandoned attempts to reduce emissions and is building more brown coal power stations. A global deal is so unlikely to happen that it makes Rudd, Wong & Co's "plough on at all costs and the world will follow" position on the introduction of an ETS even more untenable than it was ...

Read it here.


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