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Friday, September 11, 2009

Twitter-gate™ - Mablethorpe contacts ACM

You will recall the recent story about Kevin Rudd bizarrely following the Lincolnshire village of Mablethorpe on Twitter (Kevin Rudd: Twittering Idiot). This evening, ACM received a comment from Chris Flanagan, creator of the website at the centre of the intrigue we have now officially christened "Twitter-gate™":
Mr Rudd's spokesman is claiming that he followed Mablethorpe automatically because we were following him. This is untrue. We didn't even know he Twittered until he became a follower. On the climate change front, Mablethorpe is in the front line of any rise in sea levels due to climate change, having already suffered a disastrous flood in 1953. So, if Mr Rudd is an expert on this, perhaps he can give us some pointers?

The most interesting thing about this is that the Rudd spin machine is alleging they were followed first by Mablethorpe - which Chris states is not the case…


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