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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smear machine in full swing for Fielding

What is it with the Left and climate alarmism? What is it with the Left and personal attacks? As soon as Senator Steve Fielding's slip hit the airwaves, I suppose we should have known that there would be all kinds of smears, and we weren't wrong. But one of the lowest has to be this letter, published in The Australian. All I can say is that it reflects far worse on the writer than Fielding:
I respect Senator Fielding’s courageous admission that he suffers from a learning disability. Perhaps other climate change sceptics may want to follow suit?

Luke Slawomirski
Highgate, WA

I guess petulant ad hominems such as that are par for the course from alarmists - especially when they have run out of cogent arguments against the sceptics.

At least Miranda Devine stands up for Fielding against the bullies.

Read it here.


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