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Thursday, September 10, 2009

OT: Kevin Rudd - Twittering idiot

Krudd likes to portray himself as a tech-savvy, switched-on kinda guy, uploading nauseating vids to YouTube, posting inane comments on Twitter etc. But in reality, I reckon a team of flunkies does it, and pretty carelessly at that. It looks like he's been caught out randomly following Twitterers for reasons known only to himself, and in particular, the town of Mablethorpe in the UK:
When this quiet town on the Lincolnshire coast set up its own Twitter page recently one of the first followers to sign up was the Australian Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd has no known connections with Mablethorpe. As far as The Times can establish, he has never been there and his own tweets are more likely to be about climate change or the Brisbane Lions than the delights of the Golden Sands Holiday Park.

However, when the website set up a Twitter account KevinRuddPM signed up as a follower within two days. He was the third person to follow MyMablethorpe and, to date, remains one of just 27 followers.

Chris Flanagan, who set up the page, said: "At first I thought it had to be some sort of joke - there are a lot of Twitter accounts which purport to be celebrities." A few days later Mr Flanagan looked into it more closely and discovered that KevinRuddPM was indeed the Twitter account of Kevin Rudd, PM.

So come on then, Kev. Why are you following Mablethorpe in the UK? Planning a holiday? Or was it just one of thousands of followers you've randomly added just to boost numbers to make it look like your an "in touch guy"? We'd really like to know (although by the time he gets asked about it, another of his flunkies will have fed him the line to spin…).

Caught out, I think.

Read it here.


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