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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Climate madness from Ross Garnaut

Suddenly in the news again, being the first anniversary of the release of Garnaut's report, but still spouting the same old nonsense. For some reason, in his mind, legislating CO2 reductions before everyone else decides what to do puts us in a stronger position than if we wait and see. Go figure. And the fawning media hangs on his every word:
"With the 2020 target on the table, if the rest of the world is prepared to accomodate strong mitigation [the key word there being "if", and we don't know yet - Ed], I think our interests would be served by passing ETS," he said.

"Australia has a bit of a credibility problem; Australian signed Kyoto and then didn't ratify it, and we're the highest per capita emitter amongst developed countries. [Except Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain etc etc… Or are they not "developed" enough? - Ed]"

Read it here.


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