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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Age sucks up to power station protesters, blames police

Back to normal for The Age as it blames the police for overreacting to protesters at Hazelwood power station. The noble climate warriors, who had warned in advance that they would break the law and enter the power station, were met with an understandably strong response from police. Instead of supporting the police in their action to prevent criminal offences being committed, The Age blames the police themselves, under the misleading headline "Police tactics under fire at Hazelwood" [under fire from whom? The protesters themselves, of course - Ed]:
Protesters expressed concern at the level of police force, particularly the tactic of charging police horses into crowded groups of protesters who were approaching the fence.

Jay Watkinson was one of several protesters knocked to the ground by police horses after approaching the fence.

''I don't think there was any need for horses at all,'' he said. ''Having horses there really escalated the situation.''

Morwell Police spokesman Neville Taylor said police had tried to keep the area safe for all.

Anyone trying to "save the planet" can get away with virtually anything these days, and when the police just do their job, they are the ones who are criticised by The Age. How about some comment or concern about the female officer injured by these protests? Nowhere to be seen.

Read it here.


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