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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Arctic sea ice on the rise again

It looks like Arctic sea ice extent has bottomed out for 2009, and it's about half a million square kilometres up on 2008, which itself was about half a million square kilometres up on 2007. But don't wait up to read about it in the mainstream media, because it doesn't fit the alarmist agenda too well:

Read it at Watts Up With That.

UPDATE: And of course, right on cue, the ABC publishes a story about precisely the opposite:
The Northeast Passage, which for the most part follows Russia's Arctic coastline, had seemed impenetrable to international commercial shipping.

Yet with rising temperatures melting the ice cover at a record rate, an opportunity literally opened for the ships this summer.

There's no other word for it, I'm afraid: lies.

Read it here.


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