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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Age - climate change is bad for your health

It certainly is if you have to read all The Age's hysterical alarmism every day. We predicted that the alarmists would get even more desperate as the planet continued to ignore the flaky climate models on which the whole AGW agenda is based, and we weren't wrong. Now it's the medical profession which has appeared to abandon its scientific objectivity (surely an essential component of medical research?), and has climbed aboard the global warming bandwagon:
FAILURE by world leaders to reach a strong treaty to cut greenhouse gas emissions this year could be catastrophic for world health, doctors from six continents have warned.

In a letter published in two leading British journals, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and 17 sister associations described climate change as the ''biggest global health threat of the 21st century'' [yeah, right, let's just ignore, say, cancer, or poverty, or unclean drinking water, etc, etc ... Ed] and called on doctors to pressure politicians to adopt more aggressive policies.

''There is a real danger that politicians will be indecisive, especially in such turbulent economic times,'' the letter, published in The Lancet and British Medical Journal, said.

''As leaders of physicians across many countries, we call on doctors to demand that their politicians listen to the clear facts [what "clear facts" would they be? - Ed]… and act now to implement strategies that will benefit the health of communities worldwide.''

Hook, line and sinker.

Read it here.


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