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Australian Climate Madness

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Idiotic Comment of the Day

A letter in the Australian Magazine wins today's ICOTD gong:
There isn't a lot of certainty in our world, but one thing even more certain than the sun coming up tomorrow is that we have come close to destroying our own planet. Thank God, Buddha, or whoever, for a gutsy woman like Penny Wong, who stands tall among the leaders of this country.

Peter Hollis

Not entirely surprising, given the poor fellow's probably been fed on a diet of undiluted alarmism, thanks to the work of Fairytale-fax's Brisbane Times. He should maybe learn about the history of the planet over the past 4 billion years to realise that the time we're living in is nothing special, and is in fact remarkably benign compared to some of the climate upheavals of the past, rather than thinking a gentle warming is "destroying our planet". Tragic.


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