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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Name-calling from Greg Combet

Rather than engage in debate about the actual causes of climate change, alarmists around the world resort to the ad hominem attack, as Greg Combet has done, branding the Opposition as "climate change sceptics", as if that's some term of abuse:
"But of course climate change sceptics are the sorts of people we see in the Liberal Party and certainly in the National Party," he told ABC television.

"They are the ones who are advancing scepticism about the fact that we have climate change to deal with.

"That is where the fundamental problem lies in the Australian parliament, in the coalition and in the Liberal and National Parties specifically."

To Greg and Rudd and Wong, the debate's over, science is settled - nothing to see here. The only thing left for them is name-calling. That's the level of debate we have about a piece of legislation that will cost our economy billions...

Read it here.


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