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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sydney Morning Herald - Bangladesh "sinking"

The SMH devotes acres of copy today (with a multimedia photo gallery) to the plight of people in Bhola, Bangladesh, whose island home is disappearing beneath them, blaming it all on sea level rises caused by "global warming".
The earth is disappearing from under the feet of millions of impoverished Bangladeshis.

Nasir Ahmed is terrified of the full moon. In the dead of night three weeks ago it induced an unprecedented tidal surge that inundated his coastal village on the island of Bhola, in southern Bangladesh, leaving him, his wife Nasima, and their six children without shelter.

Skating over the fact that a tidal effect has nothing to do with climate change, this is all disingenuous, as it ignores the numerous other factors that are at work, not least the fact that sea levels have been rising steadily for many thousands of years (since the last Ice Age), but curiously less in the second half of the 20th century than the first, when CO2 emissions were much greater. However, this is the Herald we're talking about...

Again, skating over the fact that "global warming" stopped in 2001, it drops in the usual chestnut about increased storm activity, which is widely regarded as a red herring:
If that wasn't enough, Bhola is cyclone-prone and likely to experience more frequent and extreme storms as sea temperatures rise because of global warming.


The global warming threat was underscored last year when Bangladesh was hammered by a series of devastating weather events. Two unusually severe floods were followed immediately by cyclone Sidr, a category five storm that killed more than 3300 people and left about two million homeless.

The remainder of the article quotes the IPCC and Greenpeace, so we can all see where we're headed here. The reality is that Bangladesh, and particular the Ganges Delta where Bhola is located, is an area where substantial erosion (and corresponding deposition) have always taken place, and some research indicates that Bangladesh's total land area is in fact increasing.

Sea levels are rising, and have done so for centuries, and to blame all of this on whatever tiny anthropogenic effect there may be on top of this overall rise, is just pure alarmism.

Read it here.


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