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Friday, October 10, 2008

Tackling climate will help financial crisis

From the "Arse-over-apex logic" department, in particular, the Alliance for Climate Protection, whose chairman is a certain Mr A Gore [never heard of him - Ed], which suggests that focussing on climate change as soon as a new US president took office could help pull the world from the financial brink.
"My very strong belief is that we need to reorient our investments toward this transition to a clean energy economy, and it will be the engine of growth for getting us out of the doldrums that we've gotten in right now," Cathy Zoi told the Reuters Global Environment Summit this week.

In other words, pour billions more dollars into Gore's coffers. You've got to hand it to her - she said it with a straight face. And also at the Reuters Environment Summit (carbon footprint the size of Liechtenstein) was another renowned climate expert:
The anthropogenic roots of global warming are clear to Prince Albert of Monaco, who told the Reuters summit he didn't "adhere" to Palin's skeptical view.

"There are obviously cycles, but how can you not consider the graphs that have been shown to us?," Prince Albert said. "Those who can't see the correlation between man-made activities and greenhouse gas emissions, it's going to be hard to convince them; but somehow we will have to do so."

I think we all agree that there might be a just a teensy weensy correlation between man-made activities and greenhouse gas emissions (which is why we are all talking about cutting them, perhaps?), but it's the link to climate we're arguing about. 0/10 - must try harder.

Read it here.


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