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Friday, October 10, 2008

Heartland - two articles

Two excellent articles from the Heartland Institute (thanks to Climate Change Fraud). The first discusses the growing apathy for climate change alarmism, and quotes our own Dr David Evans, formerly of the Australian Greenhouse Office, who wrote recently in The Australian about the lack of the expected "greenhouse signature" in the atmosphere.
As alarmists continue to push government policies to restrict energy use and the burning of fossil fuels in order to prevent “catastrophic” warming, the world continues to cool. That is leading to increasing suspicion that the call to sacrifice living standards in order to “save the planet” is just political spin designed to persuade the public to accept green taxes and regulations.

Read it here.

The second discusses James Hansen, a NASA "scientist" (although that term must be used in its loosest possible sense), who refuses to take part in debates about climate change or global warming, much like Al Gore, who refuses to debate the issues raised in An Inconvenient Truth. What other possible reason could there be for these refusals, other than a fear of losing those debates?
James Hansen, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) staffer who has called for global warming skeptics to be tried for “crimes against humanity and nature,” has tersely declined an invitation to defend his extremist global warming views in a College of William and Mary debate.

Read it here.


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