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Australian Climate Madness

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

UK Climate Madness - Lord Stern

Still lurking in the shadows after his previous report to the UK government has been largely forgotten, "Lord" (formerly plain old Sir Nicholas) Stern is using bizarre logic in the Guardian to argue that the current economic crisis is even more reason why we should throw billions of dollars, pounds, Euros, you name it, at reducing CO2 emissions.
He said that the current financial crisis demonstrated the consequences of not dealing with dangerous risks early enough and with sufficient international co-operation.

Warning that there were "two kinds of danger" posed to efforts to tackle climate change by the present fear of recession, Lord Stern said: "One is people can only concentrate on a limited number of things at the same time.

"The second is people will be sensitive to cost increases, and those will have to be managed carefully... There's a danger: it needs leadership."

Given a choice between managing a global economic meltdown and spurious claims about tinkering with a harmless trace gas in the atmosphere, I think I know which most people would choose.

Read it here.


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