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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sydney Morning Herald - even the technology writers are AGW alarmists

I suppose in a paper like the Herald, you don't get published unless you subscribe to the AGW craze. Its green ooze seeps through the cracks in the tiles under the environmental desk and drips onto the technology desk on the floor below. Graeme Philipson, in a piece entitled "Weathering the Storm - how will the economic downturn affect the IT industry" manages to slip in a comment about "climate change" and "deniers" (Denier Alert again):
On another front, the necessity of confronting climate change will continue, even in the face of the naysayers. The best argument I have heard in favour of action is that even if climate change is not occurring, and even if it is not caused by human action, we should be acting on the basis that it is.

If that's the best argument you've heard, I hate to think what the worst were...
The argument is analogous to insurance. Your house probably won't burn down, but it is wise to insure against that fact that it might.

Yeah, right. The difference is, if your house burns down, the chances are the insurance will help you build another one. Spending billions of dollars reducing Australia's emissions will make no difference whatsoever to the climate (even assuming CO2 is a driver of temperature).
Climate change - and its human causes - seems to me to be an incontrovertible fact, but many otherwise intelligent people remain in denial.

Denial Alert!! And note the cheap shot: "otherwise intelligent". I suggest you stick to IT in future...

Read it here.


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