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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carbon-fuelled gab-fest in Tokyo

95% of the world's carbon emissions could be cut at a stroke if politicians could resist the temptation to fly all over the globe to attend pointless "climate talks". The latest one is being held in Tokyo, where mayors or senior officials from the world's largest 36 cities were gathering for two days of talks. First question - what on earth can "mayors" do to address climate change? Second question - who are these mysterious "senior officials"? Sounds like a first rate jolly to me (if you like sashimi, of course).

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara (a "celebrated novelist") used characteristically poetic language to condemn Russia and the US for disputing rights to the North Pole, noting (incorrectly, as we now know) that the polar ice cap was melting at a record pace (who on earth briefs these people?):
"Such is the ego of human beings. It's such a foolish tale," Ishihara said.

Commenting on climate change, he said:
"It's easy to share a sense of crisis, but if you can't come up with specific measures to deal with this, then the crisis will only get worse," Ishihara said.

It turns out that the meeting of the C40 climate initiative was started by none other than dear old "Red" Ken Livingstone, erstwhile Mayor of London and full-time Communist. Suddenly it all makes sense. It is typical of our Ken to devise as many pointless opportunities to spend taxpayers' money whilst at the same time enjoying all-expenses-paid overseas trips to attend utterly pointless conferences. It's just surprising that so many other apparently sane civic leaders went along with it.

Read it here.


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