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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wong defends the indefensible - $14m on climate ads

Climate Penny has admitted that taxpayers are paying $146,000 a day for adverts peddling warnings about climate change. Senator Eric Abetz has been doing a great job of exposing the Environment Department's outrageous spending on climate change matters.
"No wonder Climate Change Minister Wong refused to reveal the cost of this advertising when the campaign was launched in July," Senator Abetz said.

"This is an astonishing amount of money to be spent given that the Government legislation has not yet been drafted, let alone gone anywhere near enactment."

Wong then went into Pavlov's-Dog mode, and accused Abetz of being a "sceptic". How predictable. It just goes to show how much money is required to sell the lie of climate change to an increasingly suspicious Australian public.

Read it here.


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