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Australian Climate Madness

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Malcolm Fraser supports crazy action on climate change

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is weighing in on the climate debate by supporting a recent letter from 40 scientists (reported here) which urges the Government to blunder on with an ETS regardless of the effects to the economy. Fraser, like most pollies, has no clue about the realities of climate or an ETS, and compares it, like so many others, to an insurance policy:
"Are you going to stop insuring your house against fire because of economic problems?" he asked.

No, because if your house burns down, the insurance will (should) pay up to enable you to build a new one. On the other hand, let's just remind ourselves, if Australia cuts its emissions to zero tomorrow, it will have zero effect on the climate, even if CO2 drives temperature. It will, however, have a catastrophic effect on our economy and our standards of living.

Politicians, even those with as much experience as Malcolm Fraser, can be unbelievably naïve sometimes.

Read it here.


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