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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Voters still in the dark on ETS and climate change

The latest News Poll demonstrates how well the moonbat media, the IPCC, enviro-celebs like Tim Flannery and Cate Blanchett and governments of all political shades continue to brainwash a majority of the unsuspecting public into believing the following:
  1. that anthropogenic global warming [climate change?] is real and dangerous;
  2. that we need drastic cuts in emissions of "carbon pollution" to "save the planet";
  3. that Rudd's ETS will cost no jobs and will miraculously save the Great Barrier Reef.
 When the alternatives, namely:
  1. climate change is predominantly natural, in which the human signal from anthropogenic CO2 is almost undetectable (despite billions of dollars of research);
  2. emissions cuts means reducing energy consumption, which means limiting or reversing economic growth, which will plunge millions of people around the world (back) into poverty;
  3. Rudd's ETS will cripple the Australian economy, destroy thousands of jobs, and make not one iota of difference to the climate, either locally or globally
is not even considered. At least things are moving in the right direction, however:
According to the latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian last weekend, support for the government's [ETS] scheme is still strong at 67 per cent but is down from 72 per cent in October last year.

Those uncommitted on a scheme have risen from seven to 11 per cent.

Outright opposition to the scheme is a steady 22 per cent of those surveyed.

Those "strongly in favour" of an emissions trading scheme have fallen from 35 per cent in October last year to 29 per cent last weekend.

Slow progress indeed.

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