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Australian Climate Madness

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rosslyn Beeby - more alarmism

ACM's favourite journo, from the "it's all happening faster than we expected" department, all based on flaky models, of course:
Climate change is occurring faster than predicted across the Snowy Mountains, but little research is being funded by governments and universities to track its impact, scientists say.

CSIRO climate modelling predicts an 8 per cent decline in rain and snowfall across the mountains by 2020, with an average temperature rise of up to 1 degree.

Under this ''worst-case'' trend, temperature would rise by 2.6 degrees by 2050, with a 97 per cent loss of snow cover lasting at least two months.

But studies of snow records by NSW parks scientist Ken Green show average snow depths in some areas are already tracking at, or close to, levels predicted for 2020.

''We've arrived roughly a decade before we were supposed to get there,'' he said.

Yawn. Read it here.


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