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Monday, July 13, 2009

Al Gore - just please, please go home

Al Gore is spreading his own special brand of lies and alarmism around Australia at the moment, and the sooner he clears off the better. Check out the blatant untruths in the following, and note that none of those who jump down the throats of sceptics has anything to say about this lot:
"The planet now has a fever," Mr Gore warned today's breakfast gathering [Odd comment, given that "global warming" stopped in 2001 - Ed].

"We have to act [Because I want my money - Ed]."

"It's difficult to ignore the fact that cyclones are getting stronger [wrong, hurricane intensity is at its lowest for decades - Ed], that the fires are getting bigger [wrong again, Victoria had worse fires in the 1800s - Ed], that the sea level is rising [yeah, at the same rate, if not slower, than it has for thousands of years - Ed], that the refugees are beginning to move from places they have long called home [because their islands are sinking, you idiot - Ed]" he said.

Excuse the gratutious ad hom there, but this man talks nothing but unadulterated CRAP.

Two words: GO HOME.

Read it here.


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