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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shock: Web address wins Idiotic Comment of the Day gong

There seems to be no end to the mushrooming growth of businesses making a quick buck from climate change hysteria. As reported here, revenues from such businesses worldwide is now $300 billion. An example of one in the news today is the "Carbon Reduction Institute". Even its name has an error in it - carbon is not carbon dioxide, but hey, who cares about the details? It also has the amusing URL "" - and although it technically refers to making businesses carbon neutral, it is ambiguous enough for many to think it refers to CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore, for the first time (drum roll please), a URL wins today's "ACM Idiotic Comment of the Day" gong!
[CRI Managing Director] Mr [Rob] Cawthorne explained how the Federal Government's proposed carbon pollution reduction scheme would affect their businesses.

He said everyone was involved "no matter what the personal standing on climate change was''.

"If we don't curb climate change it will make the economic crisis now seem like a pittance,'' he said.

And by the way, our business can relieve yours of substantial sums of money that could be far better spent on something else (anything else for that matter) for providing pointless "climate change consultancy services", heavily relying on the principle that there's one born every minute.

Read it here.


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