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Monday, October 13, 2008

Malcolm Turnbull - make your mind up on climate

One minute, Malcolm Turnbull seems to be heading in the right direction on climate issues (see here), and the next, he's done a complete U-turn, launching a "searing" attack on John Howard for his "hardline" stance on climate change and for failing to sign up to Kyoto.
"What the former government failed to recognise was that Kyoto had become a sacramental issue. It had become a very symbolic issue," he told The Courier-Mail.

Symbolic maybe, but still pointless.
But Mr Turnbull's attack on John Howard's climate change legacy could spark anger among Coalition frontbenchers - especially climate change sceptics like Opposition Senate leader Nick Minchin.

The Opposition needs to have the courage of its convictions, stand up in the face of the inevitable shrill cries of "denier" and "sceptic" that will come from the Government, and call for a full and frank debate on the issue of "climate change" and Australia's response to it. Rudd, Wong and everyone else at Rudd & Co are completely in thrall to the IPCC and whatever they say (hey, Kev, is it 2500 scientists or 4000 this week? Or maybe 10,000?) and want to shut down the debate, so it is up to the Opposition to take a stand.

Read it here.


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