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Monday, October 13, 2008

An Honest Climate Debate - article in UK Independent

An Honest Climate Debate posts a link to an article in the UK Independent, a left-leaning newspaper that has no time for deniers and sceptics, but which has grudgingly published a series of short articles by a number of high profile individuals who question the dogma of "climate change". Of course, the articles themselves are packaged in the usual condescending wrapping:
Should we give their opinions the time of day? Whether you agree or not (and chances are you won't), the climate-change sceptics have no intention of shutting up.

Dead right, mate. And of course, if by any chance after reading the articles you are suffering from pangs of guilt because some of the points made are, you know, maybe a little bit valid, and yes, I can sort of agree with that, kind of, the Indy is there at the end to shake you out of it by reminding you of the "science":

The other side of the story: Global warming in numbers

2-3ÂșC is the potential rise in the Earth's temperature by 2100. Such an increase would be the most dramatic for 10,000 years (source: the IPPC)

11 out of the past 13 years rank among the warmest since records began (source: World Meteorological Organization, December 2007)

2035 is the year by which the Himalayan glaciers are likely to disappear (source:

Two-thirds of the world's population could be suffering from global-warming-induced water shortages by 2025 (source:

94 million people in Asia will be at risk of flooding by 2100, based on current sea-level rises (source:

35 per cent is the proportion by which CO2 levels are greater now than they have been at any other time over the past 65,000 years (source: The Royal Society)

In case you're worried by this, just look at the sources: IPCC, OK next; DFID is the UK Government's Department for International Development, whose area of policy is aid to third world countries and has nothing whatsoever to do with climate science; WMO, records began after the Medieval Warm Period and the Holocene Climate Optimum; The Royal Society - widely ridiculed in the scientific community after its president claimed the debate on climate change was over (like a previous president stated heavier than air flight was impossible).

Read it here.


  • Im sick of being force fed, global warming and climate change. If there are any changes they are natural planetary changes plus idiots cutting down half the worlds trees. In the nineteen fifties I was a London Policeman and there year after year there was sulphurous yellow choking fog all the birds left the royal parks (Feathered type). They did something about it and cleaned up their air, the birds returned and the fog disappeared. Has anyone taken the trouble to find out how they achieved that. Too long ago, might be interesting to have a look at how they did that. I don't recall any so called global warming then, it was bad. Politicians should realise that we are not idiots and those sane among us reject their idiotic spin, it's all to do with MONEY

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At June 11, 2009 at 9:24 AM  

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