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Monday, October 6, 2008

Garnaut's "do you know who I am?" moment

Looks like Garnaut is throwing his weight around in a planning dispute relating to his private home in Melbourne.
Objectors told The Australian they believed Professor Garnaut had used his status to try to influence the local council's decision to build the second house and renovate the heritage-listed house already on the block.


Yarra City Council had originally approved Professor Garnaut's development, despite its failure to meet all relevant residential code requirements.

One of the objectors, Joe Esposito, who owns the property next door, said yesterday the original application to Yarra City Council by Professor Garnaut "was tantamount to subdivision by stealth".

For someone who has not stopped gassing about his report for the last few weeks, on this issue Professor Garnaut was strangely "unavailable for comment".

Read it here.


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