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Thursday, September 3, 2009

India digs in against binding emissions cuts

Hands up those of you who are surprised by this. If you just put your hand up, go to the bottom of the class. India, sensibly, puts economic growth and the living standards of its population ahead of feel-good gestures to "tackle climate change", which will cripple the economy and send its inhabitants back to the Dark Ages:
INDIA is digging in against legally binding caps on carbon emissions, ahead of December's climate change talks with the US and Europe in Copenhagen.

The Indian government yesterday released a report that showed the country's per capita greenhouse-gas emissions - the cause behind global warming - will be lower over the next two decades than the global per capita emissions in 2005. These levels will also be lower than those of Western countries for about the same period, the report said.

The findings aim to rebut concerns that India's quest to become a global economic power will transform it into a leading emitter of greenhouse-gasses. Still largely agrarian and poor, India has bristled at suggestions from industrialised countries, such as the US, that it should do more to cap emissions even if it means curbing growth.

Read it here.


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