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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rural support for Rudd plummets

Hopefully, this is a sign of what will happen nationally when people wake up to the realities of the ETS:
SUPPORT for the Rudd Government has slumped in country areas in the past two months, with experts pointing to the emissions trading scheme (ETS) for Labor's crashing popularity in the bush.

While the Government had enjoyed a major lead in both city and country areas in the Nielsen polls compiled for Fairfax, those figures have fallen away sharply between June and August.

In mid-June, 58 per cent of rural voters surveyed said on a two-party preferred basis they would vote Labor, while 42pc said they would support the Coalition if an election was called at that time.

Figures released by Nielsen last week reveal the two-party preferred rural vote was now neck and neck at 50-50.

Senior lecturer in politics at Monash University, Dr Nick Economou, said the dramatic swing back to the Opposition in rural seats would most definitely be as a result of the Government's climate change and emissions trading policies.

Dr Economou said rural voters often had a very sharp focus on the impacts of government actions because of their more narrow economic bases.

"The only conclusion you could make about these figures is the shift in support is to do with climate change policy.

"City voters want to do something about climate change but they don't understand the impacts of what's being proposed in the same way country voters do."

Indeed they don't. Let's see if we can change that, shall we?

Read it here.


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