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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ron Boswell on the ETS

Queensland Nationals Senator Ron Boswell sets out his views on the ETS:
HOW many Greens does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is none because the Greens want to put all the lights out. During Senate debate last week on the renewable energy legislation, Australian Greens senator Christine Milne mentioned the objective of a zero-carbon economy. The extreme nature of this vision is the ultimate driver in the emissions trading scheme debate. The most significant political achievement this century is the ability of extremist Green policies to dictate the agenda of otherwise mainstream governments.

The coalition between Labor and the Greens is the throne on which the philosopher king, Kevin Rudd, sits. Everything, especially the ETS, must be seen through this red and green prism.

There is one thing that will ensure that the canary-fatal ETS can fail a second time. Business must muscle up and tell its so-called spokespeople to defy the red-green alliance and put industry and the economy first. Reasonable thinkers know emissions reductions come at a price, so only successful business can invest in reduction technology and adaptation measures. Business must stand firm and that will keep the Liberal-Nationals Coalition strong in opposing the ETS. Groups such as the Business Council of Australia cannot serve two masters, the rent-seekers and the producers of real goods. It is strange how much of the public comment seems to have got these two mixed up.

Read it here.


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