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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cost of tackling climate change to rise

Now there's a surprise! Never saw that coming, did we? Just check out the figures in this article:
With just 100 days to go before the crucial Copenhagen Climate Conference, world leaders are being warned they have seriously underestimated the cost of adapting to the dangers of global warming.

In December, delegates from up to 192 countries will congregate for two weeks to negotiate a global emissions reduction deal to replace the existing Kyoto Protocol.

The new report by the International Institute for Environmental Development and the Grantham Institute for Climate Change says the figure of $100 billion the UN estimates might be needed for adaptation could actually be as much as three times higher.

Tackling climate change is a bottomless pit into which Western governments seem only too happy to throw your money. Turkeys voting for Christmas, yet again.

Read it here.


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