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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Combet spits dummy over Fielding

They just don't get it. Someone who actually takes their time to investigate the whole "global warming" issue, and realises that there's something fishy about it, and the government just can't cope with it. Greg Combet goes postal and smears Fielding:
Addressing the Sydney Chamber of Commerce on emissions trading, he started proceedings with a critique of Senator Fielding's inability to understand "clear facts and compelling rationale".

"The government accepts the consensus scientific view that human activity is responsible for observed climate change," Mr Combet said in his written speech.

"However, in the face of this consensus view, Senator Fielding and others are still publicly promoting sceptical arguments, more often than not using populist, non-peer reviewed science." [Er Greg, don't know if you've noticed, but there are thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers that do not agree with the consensus, but conveniently, the government and the alarmist media choose to ignore them completely - Ed]

Mr Combet, who is the minister charged with assisting Climate Change Minister Penny Wong, wasn't done there.

He went on to suggest Senator Fielding had wasted the time of Australia's chief scientist Penny Sackett. [It's the other way round, of course. Fielding should not have even wasted a second of his time trying to winkle answers out of the warming apologists in the government - Ed]

"It is clear that some people are not looking to understand clear facts and compelling rationale to assist in the formulation of good public policy - even when their questions are addressed by climate change experts and Australia's chief scientist," Mr Combet said. [They weren't!! - Ed]

"Instead they are looking for more reasons to justify delaying action."

Maybe all this would be slightly less objectionable if Wong and Sackett had actually bothered to answer Senator Fielding's three basic questions on the science behind the ETS, which, oddly, they failed to do.

Read it here.


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