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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Climate sense from Terry McCrann

Terry McCrann sets out the plain common sense, which for some reason appears to elude almost everyone in Canberra:
REMINISCENCES of Woodstock are all the rage this month – in many cases proving the accuracy of the dictum about remembering the 1960s.

Perhaps this is why we seem to be literally living through a never-ending episode of the 1960s science fiction TV show The Outer Limits – where aliens take control of people's minds, from the prime minister down.

How else to explain the otherwise inexplicable? Where we have Kevin Rudd, Penny Wong and previously rational people like Lindsey Tanner and Craig Emerson marching in lockstep, as if down one of those dodgy 1960s mainstreet USA film-sets, chanting: "emissions must be reduced, emissions must be reduced".

That – literal or figurative – mind possession also demonstrates the pointlessness of posing the obvious question: why?

There is of course, no answer. Rational discourse is completely impossible – given the absolute commitment by Rudd and Turnbull et al to doing something so utterly pointless.

Australia reduces its emissions of carbon dioxide by 100 per cent and the – purportedly beneficial – consequences, are zero. We reduce by the suggested 20 per cent and the answer remains exactly the same – 20 per cent of zero is still zero.

Read it here.


  • The A.Gores,K.Rudds and P.Wongs of this world are in the same egocentric category as King Cnut... the bloke who commanded the tide to recede... and failed. Interestingly, King Cnut conceded there was a force greater than himself at work. Poor old Cnut must have suffered howls of derision from his subjects. Likewise, the Wong/Rudd/Gore camp is oblivious to the tide of opinion turning against them...the self-chosen ones who will command climate to change...funded by more taxes from you and me!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At August 24, 2009 at 12:11 AM  

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