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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rudd plays politics with ETS (again)

Kevin Rudd is once again using the most important piece of legislation since GST to play politics and force the Opposition to pass the ETS:
KEVIN Rudd is calling Malcolm Turnbull's bluff on climate change, with a surprise agreement to key Opposition demands surrounding his Emissions Trading Scheme.

The move is an attempt to embarrass the Coalition into passing in full the Government's climate legislation, which is blocked in the Senate.

The Government will announce the move today, then unleash senior ministers to begin wedging Mr Turnbull on the issue, claiming the Opposition is now duty-bound to pass the legislation in full.

Mr Rudd will agree to an Opposition demand that he split the legislation package into two separate Bills - one that forces energy-intensive industries to meet renewable energy targets and the other that will set the ETS into action.

Mr Rudd will now argue that today's concession meets Opposition demands and Mr Turnbull should, in return, agree to pass the ETS unamended.

Unamended? Are you serious? Let's hope Malcolm Turnbull has the guts to stand up to this cheap political stunt.

Read it here.


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