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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Senate vote on ETS delayed until August

Despite "climate change" being the greatest threat to humanity since the dawn of time (© Al Gore, IPCC etc etc), the Senate decided to debate other "more pressing" bills [what could be "more pressing" than saving the planet?? - Ed] before the ETS this week, making it almost certain that it won't be debated before at all before the winter break, which starts next week. The government were also hoping to clear the first hurdle for a possible double dissolution - now that won't happen until August either.

Penny Wong is livid, of course:
"They have been filibustering, wasting time, using every tactic they can to delay debate on this Bill,'' Senator Wong said.

Add to that the possibility of a leadership battle for the Liberals, given Turnbull's ill-advised attempt to skewer Rudd and Swann in the Ute-gate saga, with any new leader being far less sympathetic to the whole idea of an ETS than Turnbull.

Another few nails driven firmly into the ETS's coffin...

Read it here.


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